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Everything You Need to Know About Tuesday's Democratic Debate

Joe Raedle and Scott Olson/Getty Images

Move over, Donald Trump. It's time for the adults to take the stage. The first Democratic primary debate, hosted by CNN and Facebook at the Wynn Las Vegas hotel, begins at 8:30 P.M. Eastern time on Tuesday, October 13. Five Democratic hopefuls will participate: Hillary Clinton, Senator Bernie Sanders, Martin O'Malley, Jim Webb, and Lincoln Chafee. Vice President Joe Biden has not officially declared his candidacy, but a podium will be added for him if he decides to join. Anderson Cooper is moderating, and Dana Bash, Juan Carlos Lopez, and Don Lemon will also be asking questions.

New Republic journalists have been covering the candidates for months (or, in Clinton's case, years). Here is a recommended reading list for each of the presidential hopefuls, in order of their latest poll rankings.

Hillary Clinton

Jamil Smith explained her shaky relationship with the Black Lives Matter movement. Rebecca Leber discussed her climate change plan. Rebecca Traister looked at Clinton's relationship with feminism. Brian Beutler showed how she's playing offense against the GOP. Suzy Khimm explored her relationship with the media and how she doesn't need to be likable or a "real person." David Dayen critiqued her proposed plan for financial reform.

Bernie Sanders

Chelsea G. Summers shared stories of Bernie Sanders' hippie past. Elizabeth Bruenig looked at how he courts evangelical voters. Suzy Khimm analyzed how he talks about race. Rebecca Leber wondered about his plans for climate action.

Jim Webb

Before he announced, Jason Zengerle looked at his main motivation for running: anger. Naomi Mae Shavin discussed his underwhelming campaign announcement. Rebecca Leber agreed—that Facebook announcement was weird.

Martin O'Malley

Alec MacGillis took an early look at an O'Malley candidacy. Jamil Smith asked if he's really the right messenger on racial equality. Gwyn Kelly looked at his generous paid leave proposal. Brian Beutler explained how Bernie Sanders stole O'Malley's thunder. Rebecca Leber looked at how O'Malley could win over environmental voters.

Lincoln Chafee

Naomi Mae Shavin analyzed his botched campaign rollout. Nate Cohn followed his transformation from Republican to independent to Democrat. Michael Crowley profiled his unlikely path to the political spotlight.