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New Book: Tucker Carlson and Trump Plotted in 2020 to Spread “Dead Voters” Theory

A new book reveals how the Fox News host worked closely with Donald Trump to spread the big lie.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Tucker Carlson, and Donald Trump laugh while standing on a balcony. Don Jr stands beside them.
Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire/Getty Images

In the waning months of 2020, Fox was in a bind. It had helped peddle Donald Trump’s election lies and built a hungry audience for the unfounded conspiracy. Ultimately, though, the news network needed to concede that Joe Biden had won the presidency—so, how were they supposed to feed their frenzied audience?

While parts of the network reversed course on the Trump train, Tucker Carlson decided to feed into the mystery around Trump’s stolen election by promoting a list of dead voters touted by the Trump campaign, according to Brian Stelter’s latest book, Network of Lies, a dissection of thousands of pages of texts and emails obtained from the Dominion v. Fox lawsuit.

With show producers, Carlson privately complained that Trump’s lies were “disgusting,” but in order to maintain competitive ratings he knew he needed to extend the yarn.

“Obviously [the Trump campaign needs] to do whatever they can to help us,” Carlson messaged producer Alex Pfeiffer on the eve of announcing the dead voter conspiracy, according to Stelter’s book.

“Do we have enough dead people for tonight?” Carlson asked in another text.

When Carlson went on air that night, he announced several names of voters that he claimed to be dead but who were, in fact, alive—they simply shared names with the deceased.

“What we’re about to tell you is accurate. It’s not a theory. It happened, and we can prove it. Other news organizations could prove it, too. They’ve simply chosen not to,” Carlson told his hungry audience on a segment bannered, “Yes, Dead People Did Vote In The Election.”

Years later and long after other news organizations had knocked on doors and debunked the lie, Carlson would recall that moment as a turning point in his relationship with Trump, whom he later called a “demonic force.”

“And so I said to the Trump people, you know, ‘You’re saying the election was rigged. Send me some examples of it and I’ll put it on the air,’” Carlson told WABC’s Bo Snerdley’s Rush Hour.

“And one of them was these dead voters. Well, it turned out some of them were still alive. And I was so mad by the incompetence of that campaign, which was completely incompetent. I mean, completely, you know, I’m like the one guy who’s open minded about the election being unfair. And—and that’s what they send me? Anyway. Whatever. I was mad. That was a moment in time,” he added.

American Nurse Describes Searing Experience of Working in Gaza for 26 Days

“My heart is in Gaza,” Emily Callahan told CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Emily Callahan on CNN. Chyron reads: American nurse who got out of Gaza shares what she witnessed
Screenshot via CNN

An American nurse who worked in Gaza for nearly a month is speaking out about the horrific circumstances in which Palestinian civilians are living.

Emily Callahan, a nurse activity manager for Doctors Without Borders, had been in Gaza since August. She was evacuated back to the United States last week.

“I obviously have a sense of relief that I’m home and I’m with my family and feel safe for the first time in 26 days. And I’m having a really hard time finding any joy in any of it,” she told CNN on Monday.

“Because me being safe is the result of having to leave people behind.”

Callahan described having to relocate with her team to a refugee camp in the south, which was already packed with 35,000 internally displaced people. The camp, which now has 50,000 people living there, was so short on resources that people only had access to water for two hours out of every 12.

Hospitals were so full that they were having to discharge people immediately after treating them, Callahan said, resulting in people, particularly children, walking around the camp with unhealed burns or fresh amputations.

Callahan also described the sacrifices that her Palestinian teammates made to make sure she and other foreign doctors and nurses survived. This included finding them food and water when supplies ran out, and working to get them on the evacuation buses.

“We would have died within a week without them,” she said.

Some of Callahan’s Palestinian colleagues chose to stay in Gaza rather than evacuate. She said when they got the evacuation orders, Callahan texted to ask if they would move south.

“The only answer I got was, ‘This is our community. This is our family. These are our friends. If they’re going to kill us, we’re going to die saving as many people as we can,’” she said.

Asked if she would return to Gaza, Callahan replied, “In a heartbeat. My heart is in Gaza. It will stay in Gaza.”

More than 10,000 Palestinian civilians, mostly women and children, have been killed in Israel’s ongoing retaliation to Hamas’s October 7 attack.

Glenn Youngkin Issues Clear Threat on What He’ll Do First if Republicans Win Virginia

The Republican governor wants control of the state legislature so he can implement his right-wing agenda.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin’s first item on the menu should Republicans win control of the state: nixing abortion.

“To many voters, the topic of abortion is so important, so we have been completely straightforward and clear. I will back a bill to protect life,” Youngkin told Fox News on Tuesday.

Youngkin’s proposal will cut off access to abortion at 15 weeks, with exceptions for victims of rape and incest as well as people whose pregnancies put them at risk of death. Should that happen, Virginia would join 21 states that passed extreme abortion bans after the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade last year.

Current Virginia law bans abortion at 26 weeks.

“It’s one of the most divisive topics across Virginia,” Youngkin told ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos earlier this week.

“I think this is a choice between no limits and reasonable limits, and I think this is one where Virginians come together around reasonableness,” Youngkin said.

Virginia is a hotly contested battleground at the moment, with both Republicans and Democrats fighting for a total takeover of the state legislature in Tuesday’s election. Currently, Republicans hold a very narrow, two-member majority in the House of Delegates, while Democrats hold the Senate. Should Republicans win, Youngkin will gain the power to enact a completely conservative agenda that would almost definitely raise his national profile and even open up a long-shot bid at the White House.

Other prospective policies under the conservative governor’s belt include tax cuts, climate deregulation, stricter criminal justice laws, and the rollback of gender-affirming policies in schools.

All 140 seats in the general assembly are on Tuesday’s ballot.

Family Values: Republican Candidate Arrested for Child Porn Hours Before Election

Brad Benson is still on the ballot in Texas in Tuesday’s election.

Hood County Sheriff’s Office

The Republican candidate for a Texas city council was arrested just hours before Election Day on federal child pornography charges.

Brad Benson, who was running for the Granbury City Council, was arrested at his home Monday morning. Benson was a small-business owner and the deputy fire marshal for the town, which is southwest of Fort Worth.

“I can confirm he was arrested by the District Attorney’s Office yesterday and charged with two felony child pornography charges,” Hood County Sheriff Roger Deeds told Newsweek on Tuesday.

The Republican Party of Hood County was forced to withdraw its support for Benson one day before his name appeared on the ballot. “The Republican Party stands for conservative, family values and the protection of children,” the RPHC said in a statement on social media condemning Benson’s actions.

“These heinous acts are antithetical to what Republicans stand for.”

Republicans have repeatedly stated that they want to protect children from violent crime and sexual predators. In many GOP-led states, this has resulted in bans on drag performances in public.

Meanwhile, Republicans across the country have worked to ease child labor laws, take away life-saving health care for transgender and nonbinary children, and even ban free school lunches. None of that sounds particularly in the best interests of children.

Republicans Float Idea of Expelling Rashida Tlaib From Congress Entirely

Some Republican lawmakers want the Michigan representative completely out of Congress.

Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images
Representative Rashida Tlaib

Republicans are working overtime to punish Representative Rashida Tlaib, the only Palestinian American in Congress, for her objections to Israel’s military bombardment of Gaza.

So far, Tlaib is facing three separate censure efforts in the House with another backup in tow, but some Republicans are looking to skip the disciplinary measure and go straight to expelling the Michigan Democrat.

“Rashida Tlaib is a sitting member of Congress with alleged ties to Hamas terrorists. This should be investigated immediately, and if true, the House should move to expel her,” tweeted Senator Marsha Blackburn on Tuesday.

Should all the censure bills against Tlaib fail, Representative Derrick Van Orden also hinted at potential expulsion. Van Orden said he will move to introduce yet another against Tlaib, who he believes no longer “belongs in this body,” reported Punchbowl News’s Mica Soellner.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene tried to censure Tlaib last week but failed after 23 of her Republican peers voted to table it, criticizing the resolution as “feckless” and filled with “legally and factually unverified claims.”

But then, on Thursday, Representative Max Miller, one of the House’s two Jewish Republicans, threw his hat into the ring, filing his own censure resolution against Tlaib.

Greene has also returned with another censure resolution using retooled language to go after the Michigan representative.

By now she’s not the only one drafting censure efforts against Tlaib. Representative Rich McCormick introduced a “privileged” censure on Monday, which forces a vote within two legislative days.

While introducing the new censure resolution, McCormick railed against Tlaib for describing the chant “from the river to the sea” as an “aspirational call for freedom, human rights, and peaceful coexistence,” and lambasted her for allegedly promoting the destruction of Israel. McCormick’s effort has faced more support from the Republican caucus than Greene’s, winning over the votes of several members who voted to table hers, including Miller, Van Orden and Representatives Darrell Issa and Austin Scott.

In a statement issued last month, Tlaib called the efforts to silence her “unhinged” and “deeply Islamophobic,” adding that she will not be bullied or dehumanized.

“It’s a shame my colleagues are more focused on silencing me than they are on saving lives, as the death toll in Gaza surpasses 10,000,” Tlaib wrote in another statement posted to X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Many of them have shown me that Palestinian lives simply do not matter to them, but I still do not police their rhetoric or actions. Rather than acknowledge the voice and perspective of the only Palestinian American in Congress, my colleagues have resorted to distorting my positions in resolutions filled with obvious lies,” Tlaib added.

Shutdown Coming. GOP Response: Let’s Reignite the Gas Stove Issue!

Amid everything going on, Republicans have decided their priority is saving gas stoves.

gas stove burner
Davide Bonaldo/SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images

The United States is a little more than one week away from a government shutdown, and Republicans are responding by … talking about gas stoves.

The House Committee on Small Business is holding a hearing this week on the effects of supposedly “burdensome” energy regulations, part of the GOP’s ongoing insistence that Democrats are unfairly trying to ban gas stoves. Republican Representative Roger Williams lashed out Tuesday at his own party for its mismatched priorities.

“It’s almost embarrassing that we’re going to have a hearing tomorrow on gas stoves and ceiling fans when we’ve got everything happening in this world,” Williams said on Fox Business.

The House managed to pass a continuing resolution in September to keep the government open. That deal ultimately resulted in Kevin McCarthy getting ousted as speaker.

His successor, Mike Johnson, said Tuesday that he has a plan to keep the government funded, but Republicans are once again struggling to come together. Their inability to agree on a budget is what brought the U.S. to the brink of a shutdown multiple times this year alone.

Congress has 11 days to figure out the budget. If it hasn’t passed a solution by 12:01 a.m. on November 18, then the government will shut down.

If this exact situation seems familiar, that’s because it has somehow already happened. In May, as the country hurtled toward a national default, the House Oversight and Accountability subcommittee held a hearing on … gas stoves. During the hearing, Democratic Representative Jared Moskowitz called out Republicans on their weird priorities.

“I got it, I get the bravado. We can pry your gas stoves from your cold, dead hands,” Moskowitz deadpanned during the hearing. “I have a six-burner, double-oven range. It sits on legs. I mean, I miss her, right now, as we’re talking about it.”

“You might own a small business, and you are worried about how you’re going to pay your employees if we default. The good news for you today is that, if you have to shut your business because the country defaults, your gas stove will still be there.”

Virginia Republican Candidate Joked About Unsolved Rapes During His Tenure

Danny Diggs is running for Virginia state Senate in what could be one of the closest races.

Danny Diggs

The Republican candidate in one of Virginia’s closest state Senate races once joked about how many rape cases he failed to solve while working as a sheriff.

Danny Diggs faces off Tuesday against Democratic incumbent Monty Mason. Diggs served as a county sheriff from 1999 until the end of 2022. And by his own admission, he didn’t have the best track record when it came to sexual assault cases.

During his sheriff retirement speech in January, Diggs spoke about how special it was to meet people years after he had helped solve their issues.

“It must have been 30 years ago.… We solved a rape case,” Diggs said. “The lady saw me a few years ago, and it had been 30 years, and she remembered me and remembered that we had solved her case and how much that meant to her. How she was able to get her life together and move on.”

Diggs then asked his successor, Sheriff Ron Montgomery, “Was that the only one we ever solved?”

The two men laughed as Diggs said, “We don’t want to get into that!”

Diggs’s joke is horrifying, as it shows how little regard he has for certain types of crime. Most rape cases in Virginia go unsolved. A 2019 study found that fewer than 20 percent of sexual assault cases in the state end with an arrest. Diggs’s callous comment is a sign that he is a part of that problem.

But Diggs’s disregard for sexual rights and autonomy goes further. In a September interview with conservative podcaster John Fredericks, Diggs said he wanted to crack down on “crime” by jailing doctors who perform abortions.

“You can’t have doctors doing illegal abortions with no sanctions!” Diggs said, accusing Mason and other state Democrats of being soft on crime.

Abortion is currently legal in Virginia up to 26 weeks and six days, although the state has tried to limit access. For instance, minors who need an abortion have to get permission from their parents or guardians first.

Virginia is currently the last southeastern state to allow abortion access, after state Republicans implemented cruel bans in the Carolinas and Florida. Tuesday’s election will determine which party has control of the state legislature and will thus shape the future of reproductive freedom in Virginia.

More on the election:

Marjorie Taylor Greene Shockingly Admits the Truth About Republicans

The ads basically write themselves.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene made an eyebrow-raising confession on CNN, admitting that Republicans are more focused on TV hits and social media chatter than actually working for the people.

“Republican voters across the country are sick and tired of Republicans because they never do anything to hold this government accountable,” Greene told CNN’s Manu Raju on Monday.

“I feel like many of the American people that think that Republicans in Congress completely fail them, I feel the same way. And I’m a Republican member of Congress,” Greene added.

It’s increasingly unclear that the Georgia representative has her own ducks in a row, however.

Despite a looming government shutdown, Greene has spent weeks trying to censure Representative Rashida Tlaib—the only Palestinian member of Congress—after the Michigan Democrat spoke at a peaceful Jewish-led protest in D.C. last month that called for a cease-fire in Gaza.

In her original censure resolution, Greene accused Tlaib of “antisemitic activity, sympathizing with terrorist organizations, and leading an insurrection at the United States Capitol Complex”—but Republicans couldn’t get behind that language, especially the part about rejiggering the definition of an insurrection.

Representative Chip Roy snubbed the disciplinary measure as a “feckless” resolution that included “legally and factually unverified claims, including the claim of leading an ‘insurrection.’” When 23 Republicans voted to table the bid, Greene went full meltdown on the caucus, attacking former allies who voted to table it.

This week, though, Greene is back with a revised censure resolution that is slated to hit the floor for another House vote sometime this week, according to The Hill.

Meanwhile, other House Republicans say they’re planning to spend the week chipping away at full-year spending bills unlikely to pass in the Senate, reported Reuters. The government shutdown begins November 17.

Michael Cohen Reveals Old Trump Documents That Show Exactly How He Operates

“He does the same thing over and over and over,” complained the former Donald Trump attorney.

Michael Cohen
Stephanie Keith/Bloomberg/Getty Images

Michael Cohen says his former boss Donald Trump’s brilliant strategy for his litany of lawsuits is simply to recycle old insults.

Trump has launched countless volleys of insults at everyone involved in his legal issues, from the prosecutors to the judges and courtroom staff. He has earned himself several fines and gag orders in the process. Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer and fixer, explained the thought process behind the vitriolic onslaught in a Monday night interview.

“What Donald always does is, he uses the same play,” Cohen told MSNBC’s Jen Psaki, noting how it was easy to guess what Trump’s next move would be. “He does the same thing over and over and over.”

Cohen then held up a piece of paper he said he found in a drawer. Someone had written on the paper, “Obama reps is using lightweight New York state attorney general Eric Schneiderman to target political enemies.”

“All you have to do is just remove Eric Schneiderman’s name from it, put it into Letitia James or put it into Jack Smith or put it into anyone. It’s the same language over and over,” Cohen said. “He thinks that it was beneficial to him then, which we all know it wasn’t.… It didn’t work there, and it’s not gonna work here.”

Psaki pointed out that MSNBC has not had a chance to verify the document yet, but Cohen maintained that it illustrated his point.

“Donald thinks everybody else is stupid,” Cohen said. “He thinks he’s more devious; it’s just not so.”

Trump took the witness stand Monday in his New York business fraud trial. Throughout five hours of testimony, he tried to talk his way out of taking accountability, but he just ended up talking himself into more trouble.

John Fetterman Grossly Pretends He Can’t Understand Pro-Palestine Protester

The Pennsylvania senator made a terrible attempt at a joke.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Senator John Fetterman’s response to a protester calling for a cease-fire in Gaza left a lot to be desired.

Fetterman spoke at a Get Out the Vote rally for Democratic candidates in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, on Sunday. Right as he took the stage, a protester shouted, “Four thousand-plus dead children in Palestine, 9,000-plus dead civilians!”

“Get off the stage! Get off the stage! I don’t care,” he called out at Fetterman.

Most of the audience booed, and the Pennsylvania senator replied, “The joke is on you. I had a stroke. I can’t fully understand what you’re saying.”

Police then escorted the protester out, as he shouted at Fetterman to “go home.” Another protester yelled, “Free Palestine. Cease-fire now!” before leaving as well.

Fetterman, alongside the vast majority of the U.S. government, has not called for a cease-fire in Gaza. Gaza’s ministry of health announced Monday that more than 10,000 people, mostly women and children, have been killed in Israel’s ongoing retaliation to Hamas’s October 7 attack.

Normally a darling of younger voters and internet users for his quippy reactions, Fetterman’s response this time leaves a bad taste in the mouth. He spent the second half of his campaign and a fair amount of his term fending off rumors that he is mentally and physically incapable of holding office. He can’t have it both ways and use his stroke recovery as an excuse to ignore comments he doesn’t like.

So far, Dick Durbin is the only senator to call for a cease-fire—a comment that he sought to temper hours later, as if calling for peace is a controversial stance. A total of 24 members of Congress have also called for a cease-fire. President Joe Biden has only called for a “humanitarian pause.”

The U.S. government’s refusal to call for an outright cease-fire is starting to alienate voters, particularly Muslim and Arab Americans. And it may cost Democrats in upcoming elections, both on Tuesday and in 2024.