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Trump’s Lawyers Beg Him to Cancel Press Conference on “Rigged” 2020 Election

Trump promised to show proof of voter fraud in the 2020 election—and his lawyers are very worried.

Al Drago/Bloomberg/Getty Images

Donald Trump’s legal team is begging him to abort his stupid plan to publicly refute the newest indictment against him by proving voter fraud in the 2020 Georgia election.

After his fourth indictment late on Monday, the former president promised to hold a press conference in Bedminster, New Jersey, and finally show irrefutable proof that the Georgia election was rigged.

In a post on Truth Social, Trump claimed to have a “Large, Complex, Detailed but Irrefutable REPORT on the Presidential Election Fraud which took place in Georgia.” But now, his own team is trying to prevent him from delivering it.

Trump’s legal advisers have told him that holding a press conference to refute the charges against him will only serve to embroil him in a more messy legal situation, sources told ABC News. Some of his attorneys have even advised him to cancel the event altogether.

For once, listening to his lawyers may be wise, especially considering that next week is going to be very busy for Trump, what with the whole turning-himself-in thing. Not to mention, the first Republican presidential debate is set for August 23, just two days before the deadline for Trump and his 18 co-defendants to turn themselves in.

Trump has said he’s still thinking about whether or not to attend, but now he may be planning to use his arrest to upstage his opponents on the day.

“We Will Kill You”: Trump Supporters Threaten Judge, Jurors Amid Indictments

Trump is facing four indictments—and his supporters are setting out to hurt those trying to hold him accountable.

Scott Eisen/Getty Images
Trump supporters cheer while Donald Trump delivers remarks in Windham, New Hampshire, on August 8.

“You are in our sights, we want to kill you.”

This was the totally normal, not-at-all terrifying voicemail that a Donald Trump supporter left for Judge Tanya Chutkan, the U.S. District Court judge in Washington who is presiding over one of the former president’s indictment cases.

A Texas woman was arrested Wednesday for making this threatening call to Chutkan. Abigail Jo Shry called Chutkan’s chambers on August 5, two days after Trump was indicted in Washington, D.C., for trying to overturn the 2020 election.

Shry called Chutkan, who is Black, a “stupid slave” and said the judge would be “targeted personally, publicly, your family, all of it.” Shry warned that “if Trump doesn’t get elected in 2024, we are coming to kill you.”

When she was arrested, Shry admitted that she had also threatened to kill Texas Democratic Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, who is also Black.

The same day that Shry was arrested, the grand jurors who indicted Trump in Georgia were doxxed, meaning that their personal information was shared online. Georgia is one of the few states that publishes the names of jurors for the sake of transparency in criminal proceedings.

Internet users have shared the grand jurors names and addresses on far-right message boards and made violent threats against them. One user on the message board where the QAnon conspiracy theory began threatened to “follow these people home and photograph their faces.”

A user on another message board described the jurors’ names as a “hit list.” Another user responded, “Godspeed anons, you have all the long range rifles in the world.”

Yet another user said they were “about ready to go Turner Diaries on these treasonous n***** fucks,” referring to a gruesome white supremacist book, written by a neo-Nazi leader, that has inspired multiple acts of violence.

It should come as no surprise that the people involved in holding Trump accountable, particularly people of color, are under threat from his supporters. Trump supporters rioted on January 6, with many arguing Trump himself had summoned them to Washington. Acts of extremist political violence are on the rise, and many can be traced directly back to Trump’s own rhetoric.

Matt Gaetz Admits Biden Impeachment Is Really About Helping Republicans in 2024


Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Representative Matt Gaetz has finally said the quiet part out loud: Republicans don’t have enough evidence to impeach and convict Joe Biden. They just want to make him look bad enough that he loses the 2024 election.

Republicans have insisted for months that Biden is guilty of corruption and influence peddling overseas, despite producing no actual evidence. Many in the GOP, including House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, are starting to suggest opening an impeachment inquiry into Biden so that they can access more information and witnesses that will supposedly lead them to the truth.

But Gaetz said that Republicans should go straight to impeachment proceedings, not just an inquiry. “The purpose of that impeachment, from my standpoint, is not to force a vote that loses,” he said during a Twitter Space on Monday night. “It’s to put on a trial in the Senate, and by the way, not for the sake of conviction.”

“There’s no conviction and removal of Joe Biden coming on impeachment. I know that. You know that,” Gaetz said, although he blamed that on the Senate being controlled by Democrats, not the utter lack of proof.

Gaetz argued that Republicans should impeach Biden in order to put him on trial. But “the jury is the American people.”

“If we had the Senate as the stage and the platform for James Comer to put on his evidence and advance this impeachment, it will not result in a conviction,” Gaetz said, referring to the chair of the House Oversight Committee, who has been leading the charge against Biden.

“But the true verdict can still be rendered by the American people.”

Republicans are reportedly planning to open an impeachment inquiry into Biden in the fall. McCarthy insisted that such an inquiry would not be for political purposes, a pointed dig at the president, whom Republicans accuse of weaponizing the government to go after Donald Trump.

But all of the investigations into Biden are absolutely for political purposes. House Republicans have mobilized multiple committees to go after the Biden family. There has yet to be any proof of wrongdoing, but Republicans have used the investigations as excuses to trash Biden, attack policies they don’t like such as immigration, and share his son’s nude photos.

An impeachment inquiry, and certainly a full-on impeachment, would take that governmental weaponization to the next level.

Abortion Pill Case Moves One Step Closer to Anti-Choice Supreme Court

Mifepristone is still available, but it may not be for much longer.

Sha Hanting/China News Service/VCG/Getty Images

The battle over access to the abortion pill mifepristone got one step closer to the Supreme Court on Wednesday, as the future of the medication—which is currently still available—grows more uncertain.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that mifepristone, one of the medications used to induce an abortion, had been improperly approved by the Food and Drug Administration, despite overwhelming scientific evidence that the drug is safe. The Justice Department is expected to appeal the decision to the conservative-majority Supreme Court that overturned Roe v. Wade last year.

Mifepristone’s status currently remains unchanged, because the Supreme Court in April halted lower court rulings that would have yanked the pill from the market. Mifepristone will remain nationally available until the Supreme Court hears and rules on the lawsuit.

A coalition of anti-abortion groups, represented by the extremist legal group Alliance Defending Freedom, sued to block access to mifepristone in November. They specifically brought the case in Texas, where they were likely to get Trump-appointed, ultra-conservative Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk.

Kacsmaryk ruled in April that mifepristone had been improperly approved and should be yanked from the U.S. market. The Department of Justice appealed the decision, first to the Fifth Circuit Court, which only partially stayed the ruling. The Justice Department then appealed the case to the Supreme Court, which issued a temporary stay while the lawsuit plays out.

Kacsmaryk’s initial ruling hinges on several heavily biased “studies,” one of which claims to find most people who had medication abortions reported negative effects. The sample size was 98 blog posts from an anti-abortion website. The study authors only analyzed 54 posts and then just cherry-picked quotes from the rest.

Another study, which Kacsmaryk cited as proof of “adverse effects” from the abortion pill, is now under investigation for author bias and massively misrepresented findings.

Medication abortions make up more than half of all abortions performed in the United States. These drugs can be ordered online and delivered via mail, making them a key resource for people who live in states that have cracked down on abortion access since Roe was overturned.

A bigger issue at play, in this case, is that nonelected judges who do not have medical backgrounds are now making decisions about medication. When the lawsuit first began to play out, Rachel Rebouché, the dean of Temple University’s law school, told The New Republic, “The question for appellate courts is not just about abortion but about deference to a federal agency’s expertise.”

The Texas case “undermined” the FDA’s authority, she said. “To take seriously that it ignored risks, risks unsupported by any credible evidence, suggests questions as to what federal courts might decide about other federal agencies’ decisions.”

Donald Trump Might Just Time His Arrest to Get Out of the Republican Debate

The Republican frontrunner, everyone.

Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire/Getty Images
Donald Trump

Donald Trump may soon decide that he prefers being publicly arrested over debating his fellow Republican presidential candidates.

Trump, who has said he’s not sure if he will not participate in the first Republican primary debate, was indicted for a record fourth time on Monday. A date has not yet been set for his arraignment, but he and his 18 co-defendants have until August 25 at noon to turn themselves in. The debate will be the night of August 23.

So Trump could easily arrange to appear at the Fulton County courthouse the day of the debate, ensuring that all eyes will be on him instead of his opponents.

“That’d be smart,” one former Trump campaign aide, speaking anonymously, told NBC.

Besides, “there’s no reason he should debate,” the aide said, referring to Trump’s massive lead over the other candidates. (Trump should, of course, have to participate in the debate and explain his policy ideas to voters.)

Another source close to Trump, also speaking anonymously, suggested the former president could turn himself in the day after the debate, preventing another candidate from gaining any momentum in the headlines.

“He should do it the day after the debate to suck up all the post-debate coverage,” the source told NBC. “That way even if another candidate has some sort of ‘moment’ at the debate, it falls into a black hole, press-wise.”

Trump announced two weeks ago that he has no intention of participating in the debate, adding on Truth Social that the other candidates should “so I can see who I MIGHT consider for Vice President!” Since then, he has said he’s still thinking about it, but he also said he won’t sign the Republican loyalty pledge required to participate.

Trump also is on increasingly bad terms with Fox News, which is broadcasting the debate. He called Fox a “hostile network” and has criticized his former favorite network for not covering his campaign events.

Even so, Fox executives have begged Trump to take part in the debate. He reportedly had dinner with Fox News president Jay Wallace and chief executive Suzanne Scott, during which they urged him to participate, just hours after he was indicted for a third time.

“It’s Not Illegal to Text People”: Republicans’ Wild Defenses of Donald Trump

Republicans are spinning some bizarre arguments after Trump’s fourth indictment.

Donald Trump
Al Drago/Bloomberg/Getty Images

Republicans are getting way too creative in their defense of Donald Trump after his whopping fourth indictment.

Trump and 18 of his top allies were indicted late Monday for their attempts to overturn the 2020 election in Georgia. And Republican lawmakers have been brushing away the whole thing.

Representative Nancy Mace told Fox News Trump should actually be given a chance to prove the election fraud in 2020.

Mace argued that the charges against Trump are politicized. When Fox’s Neil Cavuto asked Mace whether she believed that all 91 criminal charges Trump is facing throughout the four indictments are really politically motivated, she said she believes most of them are.

“It’s not illegal to text people or to take legal advice no matter how awful we might think your attorneys are,” she added.

Representative Jim Jordan also argued that Trump’s legal team was only giving legal advice (on how to overthrow the election) and Trump’s chief of staff was only seeking a “phone number.”

“Trump was asking Raffensperger not to do anything illegal, but he was making the point that you don’t need to investigate every area where there was a problem, you just need to investigate enough areas to demonstrate the fact that he won,” Senator Bill Hagerty told Fox Business.

Trump, we now know, did ask Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to do something illegal. In a January 2021 call, he asked Raffensperger to “find” 11,670 missing votes—the exact number Trump needed to win Georgia.

Trump’s 2024 competitors also pushed the “politicization” line of argument, as they have with every other indictment.
Senator Tim Scott criticized how the legal system is facing weaponization and that the prosecution is “un-American and unacceptable.” Governor Ron DeSantis called it “an example of this criminalization of politics.”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams Says He’s Basically Like Gandhi

“I am Gandhi-like,” the mayor declared for some bizarre reason.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

New York City Mayor Eric Adams chose to honor the legacy of Indian independence by comparing himself to Gandhi, a central figure in India’s struggle to free itself from the violent colonial rule of the United Kingdom.

“I am Gandhi-like,” Adams told a crowd of people during a flag-raising ceremony on Tuesday. “I think like Gandhi. I act like Gandhi. I want to be like Gandhi.”

These comments came after a long section of his speech where he speculated about what Gandhi would be doing if he were still alive today.

“If Gandhi was here today, he would be dealing with homelessness,” Adams said. If that were true, then we also wish Adams was a little more like Gandhi.

As of last month, the number of people sleeping on streets and in subway stations in New York City had increased by 18 percent since the beginning of the year. This number increased even after Adams promised that finding shelter alternatives for unhoused New Yorkers would be a top priority for his administration in 2023. Since coming into office, the mayor has instead prioritized involuntarily hospitalizing homeless people and limiting their stays in shelters to only 60 days.

The comparison is also beyond strange, given Gandhi’s complicated legacy and his overtly racist and sexist personal views. Comparing yourself to Gandhi is also just a really weird thing to do—especially when you’re a former police officer and have boosted pay for New York City Police at the expense of other departments. Real Gandhi-like.

Vivek Ramaswamy Has an Idiotic New Plan To Let China Invade Taiwan

How is this a serious policy proposal from a 2024 candidate?

Vivek Ramaswamy
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy says he will let China invade Taiwan after the United States has its own supply of semiconductors, because defending the island is not in American “self-interest.”

Taiwan produces about 60 percent of the global supply of semiconductors, which are microchips crucial to making all electronic devices. China has claimed sovereignty over the island since 1949, after the nationalist party in the Chinese civil war fled there and declared independence from the mainland. Chinese President Xi Jinping has increasingly insisted on “reunification” with Taiwan, even suggesting through the use of force.

The U.S. maintains “strategic ambiguity” regarding Taiwan, refusing to specify whether it would militarily defend the island if China attacks. President Joe Biden said last year that the U.S. would commit military force to Taiwan’s defense, but the State Department tried to walk back his comments.

Ramaswamy told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt on Monday that he wanted to move to “strategic clarity” on Taiwan. He argued that China only wants to invade Taiwan for two reasons: to control the semiconductor industry and to resolve the Chinese civil war.

Ramaswamy said, “Do not mess with Taiwan before 2028, before the end of my first term,” when he believes he can achieve semiconductor independence in the U.S.

But “that commitment is only as far as 2028 … and we will not take the risk of war that risks Americans lives after that for some nationalistic dispute between China and Taiwan.”

Ramaswamy said he intends to make his stance clear by dramatically upping the firepower around Taiwan during his first term. This includes moving destroyers and guided missile submarines to the Taiwan Strait, attempting to form a military alliance with India, and even “putting a gun in every Taiwanese household.”

It did not seem to occur to him that China would likely interpret these moves as acts of aggression and respond in kind. Nor does he seem to realize that it’s highly unlikely China would listen to his proposed arrangement. Hewitt pressed Ramaswamy multiple times on his apparent willingness to go to war with China (but just during his first term).

Ramaswamy responded by simply repeating that Xi “should not mess” with Taiwan until the U.S. has achieved semiconductor independence. He then admitted that if India does not agree to a military alliance, the U.S. would badly lose a conflict with China.

But rather than realizing that this is a terrible plan, Ramaswamy doubled down during a town hall with NewsNation on Tuesday.

Ramaswamy has been steadily rising in the polls, despite his only real campaign talking points being battling “wokeness,” taking away rights, and, apparently, going to war with China.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Trump Prosecutor Should Go After Rapists (Who Wants To Tell Her?)

This is the worst possible defense of Donald Trump.

Marjorie Taylor Greene
Eva Marie Uzcategui/Bloomberg/Getty Images

Marjorie Taylor Greene thinks that the Fulton County district attorney should be “going after rapists,” not Donald Trump. Luckily for her, the Georgia indictment actually kills both birds with one stone.

Trump was indicted for a historic fourth time late Monday, and charged with racketeering for trying to overturn Georgia’s 2020 election results. District Attorney Fani Willis has not yet set a date for his arraignment, but she has issued arrest warrants for Trump and his 18 co-defendants.

Speaking to Newsmax on Tuesday evening, Greene argued that Willis should focus more on addressing sexual predators.

“Fani Willis should be going after child sex predators and traffickers,” Greene said. “Fani Willis should be going after murderers, rapists.”

Greene did not explain why she, an elected Georgia representative, thinks the best way to stop child sex trafficking is by praying and then voting against a human trafficking bill. Maybe she’s too busy waving Hunter Biden’s nude photos around (and possibly sending them to minors) to introduce legislation to protect victims of human trafficking or rape.

But luckily for Greene, Willis’s indictment of Trump has actually taken care of both trying to protect democracy and going after a major sex offender.

Trump was unanimously found liable for sexual abuse and battery against writer E. Jean Carroll in the mid-1990s and for defaming her in 2022 while denying the assault. He was ordered to pay her about $5 million in damages

Trump tried to get the ruling thrown out, arguing that the damages were “excessive” because he only sexually abused Carroll. He also sued Carroll for defamation, after she said he raped her.

But the judge presiding over the case threw out both of Trump’s motions. Judge Lewis Kaplan said that Carroll’s comments that Trump raped her were “substantially true.”

In a separate ruling dismissing Trump’s request for a new trial, Kaplan called Trump’s argument “entirely unpersuasive” and noted that the New York penal law definition of rape is “far narrower” than in common understanding. As a result, not only would Trump not get a new trial, but he is definitely a rapist.

Trump’s Own Tweets Come Back to Bite Him in Georgia Indictment

Trump was charged with attempts to overthrow the 2020 election—and 12 of his own tweets were used as proof.


Before he was banned from the platform for inciting violence, Donald Trump’s favorite social media network was Twitter. But he may come to regret tweeting so much, now that the Georgia indictment cites 12 of his own tweets as evidence.

Trump was indicted for a historic fourth time late Monday, and charged with racketeering for trying to overturn Georgia’s 2020 election results. A date has not yet been set for his arraignment.

The indictment cites a dozen of Trump’s tweets about Georgia state legislature hearings on evidence of alleged election fraud (none was found), pressuring state officials to change the outcome in his favor, and pressuring then-Vice President Mike Pence to change the outcome in Trump’s favor.

Here are the 12 tweets that came back to haunt him:

1. On December 3, 2020, Trump tweeted, “Georgia hearings now on @OANN. Amazing!”

2. Trump later tweeted, “”Wow! Blockbuster testimony taking place right now in Georgia. Ballot stuffing by Dems when Republicans were forced to leave the large counting room. Plenty more coming, but this alone leads to an easy win of the State!”

3. Trump then claimed without evidence that “people in Georgia got caught cold bringing in massive numbers of ballots and putting them in “voting” machines. Great job @BrianKempGA!”

4. On December 6, 2020, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan issued a joint statement saying it would be unconstitutional to name pro-Trump electors, as Trump was pressuring them to do, because Joe Biden won the state.

“Gee, what a surprise,” Trump tweeted. ““Has anyone informed the so-called (says he has no power to do anything!) Governor @BrianKempGA & his puppet Lt. Governor @GeoffDuncanGA, that they could easily solve this mess, & WIN. Signature verification & call a Special Session. So easy!”

5. Trump called again for a special session to appoint new electors on December 14, tweeting, “What a fool Governor @BrianKempGA of Georgia is. Could have been so easy, but now we have to do it the hard way. Demand this clown call a Special Session and open up signature verification, NOW. Otherwise, could be a bad day for two GREAT Senators on January 5th.”

6. On December 30, 2020, when a Georgia Senate Judiciary subcommittee held a hearing on the election, Trump said, “Hearings from Atlanta on the Georgia Election overturn now being broadcast. Check it out. @OANN @newsmax and many more. @BrianKempGA should resign from office. He is an obstructionist who refuses to admit that we won Georgia, BIG! Also won the other Swing States.”

7. An hour later, he tweeted, “Hearings from Atlanta on the Georgia Election overturn now being broadcast LIVE via @RSBNetwork!”

8. After the hearing had ended, Trump tweeted, “We now have far more votes than needed to flip Georgia in the Presidential race. Massive VOTER FRAUD took place. Thank you to the Georgia Legislature for today’s revealing meeting!”

9. Trump also tweeted on January 3, 2021, the day after his infamous phone call begging Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “find” 11,780 votes—the exact number needed to flip the state to Trump.

“I spoke to Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger yesterday about Fulton County and voter fraud in Georgia,” Trump wrote. “He was unwilling, or unable, to answer questions such as the ‘ballots under table’ scam, ballot destruction, out of state ‘voters’, dead voters, and more. He has no clue!”

10. Finally, in the 24 hours before the January 6 insurrection, Trump fired off several tweets about Pence. “The Vice President has the power to reject fraudulently chosen electors,” Trump wrote on January 5, 2021 (the vice president does not).

11. The morning of January 6, Trump tweeted, “If Vice President @Mike_Pence comes through for us, we will win the Presidency. Many States want to decertify the mistake they made in certifying incorrect & even fraudulent numbers in a process NOT approved by their State Legislatures (which it must be). Mike can send it back!”

12. A few hours later, as his supporters gathered outside the White House for what would turn into the angry mob, Trump tweeted, “States want to correct their votes, which they now know were based on irregularities and fraud, plus corrupt process never received legislative approval. All Mike Pence has to do is send them back to the States, AND WE WIN. Do it Mike, this is a time for extreme courage!”